AKB herbals is an all-organic brand crafting pure, authentic, safe and effective skincare and body care range of products.
People are inclined towards an organic way of life only recently, following global beauty and skincare trends but our loyal customers have been using our products since long as they believe in choosing only the safest and best of organic products for their daily routine. At AKB herbals, we strive to bring you the best of natural ingredients and selectively craft one of a kind products that are thoughtfully made without the addition of any parabens, harmful chemicals, phthalates, mineral oils or animal ingredients. Our products are incredibly gentle on the skin, safe for all skin types and very effective.
Right from the selection of the best quality of the raw materials to the finished package, every product is finely handcrafted with power-packed potent organic ingredients to target your concerns and deliver a delightful sensorial experience.


Following our vision of natural care pervading the world, we have been extending our product range to include more nature-bound personal care solutions. Our products stand on the USP of being harmful chemical free and suitable for every skin type. Adding a touch of hand-made finishing to our products also imparts an appealing uniqueness to them while maintaining their quality standards.

To take the knowledge of Ayurveda to the world and bring about a shift in the personal care industry, creating a global clientele that benefits from the nourishment of nature.

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda! On behalf of our organization- AKB Herbals, I appreciate your visit to our website. It gives us delight to be able to offer solutions for enhancing lifestyles and uplifting the standards of grooming and personal care, and so far, we have been able to spread our offerings to a good number of clients across the globe.
AKB Herbals is a journey towards the restoration and augmentation of Ayurveda- the treasure that has proven itself time and again. Today, the world is progressing towards faster lifestyles, where keeping up with self-care is a challenge. Our team is ardently working towards building a range of products that can meet the requirements of the current scenario.
Our vision dictates a thorough research of herbs and nature-bound components to bring them in a state of improving our offerings. The process is ongoing, and we expect to deliver our findings in the form of several new products every year, catering to niche requirements on a massive scale.
Starting in 2015 with a single product for hair nourishment, our company now offers over 20 products under two brands- Cheveux silk and Golden Treez. Our product range is expanding at a quick pace. We have currently shifted all our production processes from outsourcing to internal manufacturing, taking care of higher quality control. AKB is also working towards uplifting the Indian economy by generating more employment opportunities. Our motto is to focus on handmade products under world-class hygienic conditions to deliver products that are exceptional in showing good results.
As a growth strategy, we are partnering with dealers across different countries, striving to take the knowledge of Ayurveda and nature-care to the world. We aspire to build long-term relationships with our dealers and each of our clients by delivering what we promise, and that is, sustainable personal and beauty care.
To conclude, I sincerely want to thank each of our clients for showing your trust in us. AKB Herbals is open to your feedback and assures to constantly work in the direction of your expectations. I look forward to our win-win benefits and success.
Mohit Bhargava
Managing Director
AKB Herbals Pvt Ltd